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A female driver speaking with a car sales expert about buying a new car

8 Questions to Ask a Car Sales Expert

24th June 2016 by Steph Savill

If you’ve ever left a car showroom and thought "oh, forgot to ask that", read our top tips to keep in mind when shopping around for a new car.

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car breakdown 2

Car Breakdowns: Survival Guide

19th April 2016 by The IMI

Make sure you are prepared for a car breakdown situation by reading these handy tips and safety advice.

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IMI dashboard 470x264px

Dashboard warning lights: What do they mean?

29th February 2016 by The IMI

According to research, the meaning of car dashboard warning lights are beyond the grasp of 98% of British drivers, with most admitting that they don’t understand what even the most basic ones mean.

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Driving tips
Carwingmirror rain 470x264

Driving in heavy rain and flooding: Checks, tips and advice

9th February 2016 by The IMI

Make sure you are prepared for driving in heavy rain by checking out these handy tips and safety advice.

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Driving tips
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Driving Safety Infographic: Common causes of road accidents due to vehicle defects

19th January 2016 by The IMI

Find out about the common vehicle defects that cause road traffic accidents and how you can avoid them.

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Driving tips
Tyre 470x264

Winter Driving Safety Tips: Driving from A to B with no accidents

22nd December 2015 by The IMI

For more information on preparing your car for the cold this winter, check out our winter driving tips article.

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5 car service questions you should ask your technician

17th December 2015 by Rob Lewis

Make sure you ask your IMI-registered technician for a run-down of everything they'll do to your vehicle. Here are some practical questions to ask.

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Basic car maintenance
D4A1823 470x264

What is included in a car service: knowing which 10 checks to expect

11th December 2015 by Ian Gillgrass

Not servicing your car affects its performance, safety, fuel economy and value, so here are the top 10 essential service checks your local specialist will carry out.

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Basic car maintenance
D4A1164 470x264

Tips you shouldn't overlook when entering the garage

3rd December 2015 by Rob Lewis

Take time to understand the checks you can perform, the questions you can ask, and the things you should agree before, during and after your visit to the garage.

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Basic car maintenance
CoolantCheck 470x264

Basic car maintenance checks that everyone should perform

27th November 2015 by Tony Lawson

To stay safe on the road, here are a few tips to help you avoid any unnecessary or surprise trips to the garage.

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