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The Professional Register

Over 89% of motorists prefer to deal with an accredited professional. *Based on a 2014 independent survey


The IMI Professional Register lists individuals such as car mechanics, vehicle technicians and sales representatives in the automotive industry who have been recognised for their experience, professionalism and commitment to ethical working practices, and for continually keeping their knowledge and skills up to date with the latest training from within the industry.


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IMI’s Professional Register ensures you’re in skilled, competent and trustworthy hands.

Suzi Perry Broadcaster,
motor sports enthusiast,
and supporter of the IMI Professional Register

Suzi Perry

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Whether you’re an automotive technician, car mechanic, manager or working in customer service, there’s an entry route to suit you.

  • Help drive up standards across the sector
  • Demonstrate your professional knowledge, skills and competence
  • Assure your customers of a quality service
  • Increase public and consumer confidence in the industry

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