Our accessibility policy

If you have suggestions for how we could improve the accessibility of this site, or find any problems with it, please get in touch with us.


  • All heading text is legible against the page background, with a contrast ratio of at least 3:1.
  • All body text is legible against the page background, with a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.
  • Text is structured with nested headings, presented in a meaningful order, which describe the topic or purpose of the content.
  • Text can be resized without loss of content or functionality.
  • Text in images is purely for decoration, or where crucial it is also available in normal text.
  • Any unusual or industry-specific words and phrases are explained in simple English.


The text of all links is descriptive (or if this isn't practical we provide alternative text) to make its purpose clear.

Page addresses (URLs) are readable by humans and are permanent wherever possible.


Unless they are just for decoration, all images have alternative text (an “alt” attribute) which is shown where images are disabled, or where they are not supported.


  • All form controls and fields are properly and clearly labelled.
  • All crucial form fields are checked for errors when the form is submitted.
  • Any error found is described to the user in text, along with suggestions for how to correct the error.
  • All forms have a correct focus order so they can be navigated using the Tab key on your keyboard.
  • All forms can be submitted using the Return ↵ or Enter key.


We use unobtrusive client-side (on your computer rather than on our server) scripts.

Visual design

This website uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for visual design and layout. Learn how to modify this site to fit your needs on the BBC's My web my way.


This website is accessible from smartphones and tablets.

Page layout and content respond to the size of the browser window to make best use of the space available.

The menu (navigation) collapses on smaller devices to save screen space. It can be reopened with the menu (☰) button in the top right corner of the site.


  • This website should be compatible with all internet browsers and has been optimised for use with:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to 11
  • Apple Safari (for desktop and iOS)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Mobile browsers


Our efforts to make this website accessible were guided by the following resources: