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Car Repair Experts

When something’s not right, get it fixed with one of our repair experts.

Car reliability has improved dramatically over the past few decades, but with changes in technology comes increased complexities.

Many cars can now reach 150,000 miles or more with only a few car repairs, but when they’re required, it’s time to call in the experts.

IMI car repair professionals keep their skills and knowledge up to date, meaning you only deal with reliable and trustworthy car repair technicians. So when something’s not right, talk to one of the experts.

Our top tips for finding the right Car Repair Experts

  1. Agree the work and the cost beforehand with your car repair professional.
  2. Don’t ignore any warning lights – it’s time to take action.
  3. Check oil levels regularly - too low and there's a danger your engine will seize up.
  4. Check your warranty – you may be entitled to free of charge replacements
  5. Information in handbooks is fairly generic, so always check any problems with an IMI approved car repair professional.

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