IMI Professional Register FAQ

This section covers frequently asked questions about the IMI Professional Register, the IMI and general queries. If you have a question we haven’t covered, please contact us.

It’s an industry-wide Register that lists individuals in the motor industry who have been recognised for their experience, professionalism and commitment to ethical working practices, and also for continually keeping their knowledge and skills up to date.

The IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) is the professional body for individuals working in the motor industry. It’s also the authoritative source of retail motor industry information, standards and qualifications.

IMI plays a vital role in developing and maintaining a skilled, competent and professional workforce, able to keep pace with evolving automotive technologies and rapidly changing markets.

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Whether you’re buying a car, hiring a vehicle or taking one in for parts, servicing or repair, IMI’s Professional Register is here to make sure you are in skilled, competent and trustworthy hands.

All individuals on the Register have been recognised, verified and approved by the IMI for:

  • their qualifications
  • their experience in the motor industry
  • their skills, knowledge and competency levels
  • their commitment to continually keeping their skills up to date.


By continually keeping skills and knowledge up to date, the professionals listed on the Register:

  • drive up standards across the sector
  • demonstrate their professional knowledge, skills and competence
  • assure you, as a customer, of an ethical and quality service
  • increase public confidence in the automotive industry.

The Register is for practising professionals, so everyone listed needs to be employed and have a certain amount of industry experience, qualifications and/or accreditations.

When you search for a registered professional, you will see letters shown after or below that individual’s name. These letters demonstrate that the individual has been recognised and approved by the IMI. The letters represent the different ways an individual joined the Register. Many individuals have more than one type.

1) The IMI Membership route

Many members join through membership of the IMI and are awarded post-nominal letters to recognise their qualifications and experience. These letters represent the level of membership at which they joined.

FIMI Fellow member of the IMI
MIMI Member of the IMI
AMIMI Associate member of the IMI
LIMI Licentiate member of the IMI
CAE Certificated Automotive Engineer
AAE Advanced Automotive Engineer
ATP Automotive Trainer Professional
AdATP Advanced Automotive Trainer Professional
AAP Automotive Assessor Professional
AdAAP Advanced Automotive Assessor Professional


2) The IMI Accreditation route

Many individuals join the Professional Register through the IMI Accreditation route.

An individual’s competence is measured against a set of key industry skills, providing proof of their knowledge, ability, and desire to work to a high professional standard.

The letters briefly describe which type of accreditation route that individual has taken. There are routes for technicians, including Autoglazing, Customer Service, Digital Audio Broadcasting, Motorcycle and Paint; routes for management and leaders; and routes for automotive assessors.

To maintain their status on the IMI Professional Register, each individual must provide evidence of continual learning and development activities.

If a business employs any IMI registered professionals, we’ve listed their details to help you find a service more easily.

And if a business has 50% or more of its staff on the Register, we recognise them too for investing in the training and development of their staff. These businesses are known as IMI Recognised Employers.

Contact the IMI membership team on or by calling +44 (0)1992 511 521.


How can I find out more?

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